Narrative Essay On Youth Football

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Ryan is a teenager at Ben Sauer Middle School. He is to never say two words at his house. They are father and football. Ryan never knew who his father was. His mother didn’t like to talk about his father. His mother never let him sign up for youth tackle football when he was in elementary. His father owns the Dallas Cowboys and Ryan does not know. When Ryan was in 5th grade his mother gave into him and allowed Ryan to play youth football. Ryan was super excited for this opportunity. He was athletic and was the fastest player on the team. He played wide receiver and usually sat the bench. Ryan was okay with that because he was undersized and didn’t like the thought of getting hit. When junior-high football came Ryan wanted to switch positions…show more content…
After practice one day Ryan’s mother picks him up and she is in a hurry. Ryan has no idea where she is going and why she is in a hurry. She stops at the family office and Ryan follows her in. When they get there Ryan’s stepmother and other are in the room. The speaker tells Ryan that in his father’s will he will hand the ownership of the Cowboys to Ryan. Ryan’s stepmother was insanely mad. Ryan meets several players of the Cowboys. The players give him a ride to the practice facility. At the practice facility Ryan’s stepmother comes bursting in the door and demands that her kid shall be the kid owner. In his father’s will it says that there shall be a contest. Mr. Dietrich makes up the contest. The contest is whoever plays the best in the upcoming game will own the team. Right now Ryan is not the starter so he began to worry. Ryan comes up with a plan to become the starting quarterback. His plan is to import a spread offense where throwing long passes is not needed. He talks to the coach and the coach likes the plan. He keeps the starting quarterback in. During the next practice the hardest hitting player on the team rams into the quarterback and hurts him. Ryan becomes quarterback with the new offense and on the last play of the game he lets the other quarterback come in. Even though they lost Ryan still becomes the Kid
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