Tabby: A Short Story

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Outsmarted by a Border Collie
“Dang it!” Rang though my parents’ farm on a warm Saturday afternoon. I glanced up from a friend’s crazy Snapchat story on my phone and saw Tabby, a gorgeous border collie dog, ran across the road to the neighbor’s fenced cow field. “Why are you so hard-headed?” My dad, George Thomas yelled at the two year old border collie, who was running to ‘her’ cows. “Well, she is technically a teenage, two year old in dog years is about fourteen year old in human terms.” I replied to my father, who watched as Tabby completed her favorite activity, herding the cows to one corner of the neighbor’s cow pin. “Every day she does this!” He proclaimed, as he waved his arms and glared at Tabby, who was happily pushing her cow friends
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The strongest used of power was George Thomas using force to removed Tabby from the situation. When he directly and indirectly applied force to change the situation, Tabby could not use her own version of power to change the situation. The usage of force helped George by removing the border collie from the scene of the crime. Then, Thomasena used of persuasion stood as a not appropriated form of power during the situation. When Thomasena tried to persuade Tabby with treats, Tabby used manipulation to trick Thomasena into thinking that her form of power was successful. My mother used of power was deflected when Tabby used another form power to change the situation. The next good example, Tabby applied power to alternate the situation when she manipulated Thomasena. The situation after Tabby leaned how to trick my parents existed because George and Thomasena did not stressed the important of disciple to Tabby. Also, my mother usage of power was unsuccessful. Tabby managed power to defend against the applied of power from others. Usually people used an altered type of power to change the reported of the story.
However, one type of power not used was exchange. Exchange did not work in this situation since Tabby, a dog, could not understand if my parents exchanged cows’ pin for toys. If in situation, Tabby was a human. Then, the human could exchange an action or objects for something else. Exchange did not work in this situation, but it could work for other
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