Narrative Essay: Stewie Griffin: The Smartest Out Of The Family

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Narrative Essay Once upon a time there was a boy called Stewie Griffin, Stewie is the baddest kid ever. He tries to kill his mother and curses, but he is the smartest out of the whole family. Stewie is 3 years old and he can talk but the rest of the family can’t understand him except the dog and Chris. The dog name was Brian Griffin, this dog wasn’t a normal dog, this was a talking dog. Everybody in the world could understand him and they didn’t look at him weird when he talked. The father of this family is Peter Griffin, this particular person is the most ignorant person in the family. He is sometimes smart, but mostly ignorant. Peter is significantly overweight. Peter‘s wife is named Lois Griffin, this is the mother of the family. Peter and Lois have three kids and they are married. Stewie, Chris, and Meg are the kids of this family. Chris Griffin is a teenager, he is chubby like his dad. Chris is a chill, ignorant teenager. Meg Griffin is the oldest out of the three kids, she is 17 and goes to the same school as Chris. Meg is the smartest one out of the three kids. Meg is disowned by their parents and mostly everybody at her school. Meg points out the ignorant stuff her dad does and Lois does to,but she lets it happen and Meg be like it’s stupid or dangerous.
Peter has friends called Glen Quagmire, but people just call him Quagmire, Joe Swanson, and Cleveland Brown. These
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They were getting tired from running from the guards They ended up winning and fixing the teleporter. When they got home Louis asked where they been and Brian said, “in Stewie room”. Peter was confused because he went in there and didn’t see them and told Louis that they wasn’t in there. They looked everywhere in the house and asked neighbors if they saw them leave the house and they said no. When the family saw them they was so relieved and gave them a very very long hug, like they hugged them for an hour it was a very long

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