Narrative Essay: The Chow Wolf

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On 11/10/17 at approximately 1:20pm, I Deputy Warden N. Christian with Franklin County Animal Care and Control (FCACC) was dispatched to 3505 Fremont St Apt 1 on a dog on dog or cat attack, no known owner. I arrived on scene at approximately 1:42pm, I met with victim dog owner Laura Curran. Ms. Curran stated she was walking her two dogs (miniature pinscher and chihuahua) around 8:30am. Ms. Curran stated that a unknown chow chow came out of no where and proceeded to attack her miniature pinscher. Ms. Curran with the assistance of a unknown male was able to get the chow chow off her dog. The chow chow ran off in a unknown direction. Ms. Curran stated with the assistance of some neighborhood kids picked up both dogs and went home. Ms. Curran
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