Narrative Essay: The City Of Will Doom By Gregory Doom

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Narrative Essay This story started in a little town called Lincoln City. The people of the city were sometimes mean to others and it was the rules of the city weren't that good people didn't like them but the governors did anything about it there was a lot of problems there that could cause a lot of disasters.It was governed by Gregory Doom this city was kind of messy and bad it wasn't wealthy at all. He had a son named Will Doom he was born in the city of Lincoln when he was twelve years old, he was learning about how to rule a city. When his dad dies, he will be the new governor. When Will grew up, his dad was in his 70s, but something that no one will forget until this day. Will Doom decided not to wait until his dad died so Will Doom killed him. Will Doom take power and abuse of it that he didn't care about what the people do or say, he even did not obey the rules of his dad he thought he was the king of the city. No one knew what really happened that day that Gregory died bu of what. Will Doom said this to his people that he died from sickness because he was too old, so he got sick.…show more content…
Will was not controlling the city well, so the people got furious with him and everyone starts destroying stuff. Will Doom says ¨Now that my dad is gone I am the new governor of the city¨people thought that they can do whatever they wanted to do so the people went crazy about what was going on in the city. Patrick Vieira was one of the best governors in the whole world. He was a good person that he decided to make U.S better and there were others that helped him. Their names were Lulu, she was a woman that helped many people with their problems that they have in their society of wealthiness , and the last person is Leo Hans, who helped many presidents with their rules so he create a new rule for them. He helped cities to make the city

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