Narrative Essay: The Day I Were Born In My Life

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Well all lives start with the day you were born. I was born on July 11th 2000. I was a quiet baby for the most part. I had my mom in my life and was so thankful for her but my dad was never in my life. I was born a bastard child. All of the trouble...all of the pain I have been through started when I was five. My mom had significant number of boyfriends. She was always with one guy or another but she was just like that so I never thought anything of it. There was this new boyfriend. Mom and him were getting married. I didn’t like him then again no one did. He used to feed me liver and beat me with spatulas when I did something he didn’t like. He just had this evil look to him that could haunt you for the rest of your life. His voice was a…show more content…
There were times where I felt used or jealous. I got jealous of my mom one day, I woke up later than usual and I went downstairs to see my mother and Joe in the basement doing the same things he and I did. I got angry, I thought only fathers and daughters did those things. He didn't get any love from me that night. I guess because I didn't want to do anything he took it upon himself to enjoy my body anyways. I woke up in the middle of the night to find his body on top of me. I pretended to be asleep and eventually I did fall back asleep. My mother always ruined things when joe and I were going to do “stuff”. One day she walking up to the stairs asking for me. We were in their bedroom with our clothes scattered across the floor. She knocked on the door and he grabbed my clothes and shoved me and my clothes in the closet. That kind of hurt..more than kind of that destroyed me. I felt like a toy, a rag doll being thrown in the trash. He told my mom I was upstairs then I hurried and got dressed as she went to look for me. I hid in the room beside theirs. “ We were trying to scare you” we always had an excuse for her. “We made you a…show more content…
He made my mom and my family happy. He made ME happy. I didn’t think what we had was wrong. I mean no one sat me down and said “daughters and fathers should not touch each other inappropriate ways.” He told me once “If you tell anyone I’ll have to go away.” I didn’t want to ruin everything we had. Once he used a camera to record me. It was a fun game. He was telling me where to put my hand on my body and how to touch myself. His brother found the video and took it around to people to see or that is what I heard. Eventually it ended up with the police. (add present feelings?) The police came to our house while Joseph was at work. I was taken into my moms and joes room. The same place me and him did things to each other. The detective, a woman with short black hair questioned me. There were two other police officers but I only remember her. She asked about me and Joe's relationship. I pretended nothing was going on with me and him. She asked me a second time and I finally understood that everything we did together was wrong. I broke into tears and hugged her. She asked me a few more questions while my sister and mom were in the other room. They took some of my clothes that he touched recently and asked to speak to my mother. I went into the room with my sister and I was crying. She asked me what was wrong and I said

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