Narrative Essay: The First Day Of Sherwood Middle School

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First Day of School Sherwood Middle School’s first official school day started Wednesday, September ninth, at 8:00 a.m. Students had different emotions about school, some were nervous, excited, and/or sad that summer ended. Also, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders had an assembly talking about what they expect out of them. The first day was marvelous!

Different emotions were going around the school. Some people were happy and excited to see their friends again. While others were nervous because they didn’t know how this year was going to be. Then there was the kids who were complaining about how summer was over. All around school girls were smiling and squealing because they were happy to see their friends. Everyone was talking to their friends. And there were some kids who were already
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Also, all grades have a slightly different schedule, so most were trying to adapt to it. Students then had to meet their new teachers and see how all of them were. Surprisingly enough some kids were coming back hurt! They either broke their leg or arm! A girl named Caitlin Quirk said that she fractured her tibia just a few weeks before school started. There was also a guy and girl who broke their arm. Which made the first day a little harder for them.

Overall, the Sherwood Middle School students had a marvelous first day of school. Having a six hour and 50 minute school day (Monday - Friday) is a lot for kids but they get through it alright. In the end, students weren’t nervous anymore, they were still excited, and the kids who miss summer at least got to see their friends again. The assembly was very good about telling the students what teachers/staff expect out of them. Finally, by at least the second week of school, kids will have their school routine down. It was a marvelous first day for the Sherwood Middle School
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