Narrative Essay: The Hungry Hippos

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The Hungry hippos were down by 50 points in the 4th quarter in clarks stadium. Coach clark who was a tall,smart,curly headed, and the head coach of a sorry football team. He said “something has to change or the season is going to be a disaster”. After the team shook hands with the black bears coach clark was furious that they lost. This was their fourth lost in a row and getting blowed out by a lot of points. So coach had a talk with the team and told them “everything is going to be alright” but everyone knew he was lying. Afterwards he went home and thought about how he could assemble a better team and he was thinking so hard that he went to sleep with that question on his mind. Meanwhile while sleeping at 3:00 am coach clark had an idea…show more content…
So once he get’s done he starts mixing chemicals and putting the hair in the machine to test it out. Once he puts the hair in the machine and the machine starts working and out comes the first player and coach clark yells “it’s ALIVE”!!! Then he starts building the team he starts to tune them up to play in the game on friday. Once he gets done tuning them up he goes upstairs and rest because he is tired and happy he assembled his team. Later on in the week everybody is ready for the game friday but coach clark is nervous because he doesn’t know how his creation is going to do. So friday roll around and it’s time for kick off and coach told old players the game is cancelled but he was lying. Meanwhile it’s time to play and his team gets the ball first and they score on the first play right then and there coach knew he created some dogs. Meanwhile in the the season coach keeps lying to the other players and tells them their games are cancelled but the clones are winning them all and coach is very proud of himself. Little did he know his archnemesis had figured out about his team, so he builds his own team. They play for the championship and the game was a

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