Essay On Lightening Storm

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The Lightening Storm of My Life It was a hot mid-summer evening. I was suddenly awakened by my little brother because of my strange shouting while I was sleeping. I just realized it was a nightmare. My father slept and never woke up any more. I was 12 years old at that time. He was hit by the cruel car and his blood strewn over the stiff road. I just saw him lying down, touched his stiff hand, kissed his frozen face and burst into a rage of tears. With no words, no precaution, even I just don’t believe I lost him forever and it is just like the lightening storm which stroke my whole life. My memories about my father just keep before I am 12 years old. My father loves kids very much, so there’s no doubt that he loves me even spoils me a lot.…show more content…
Word came that my father was collided by the car and he was dead. I just realized that he was gone. Since then, I had gone to school alone. Gradually, I became independent and started to live on campus in my junior high school. I was very grieved and I always cried in the quilt secretly when I reminded these memories between my father and me. But everything was disappeared. It’s just like a nightmare, with so many tears of us, which cannot be forgotten forever. But now, I’m in the college and I still miss him very much. Although I know he will not come back, I still remember his face and I swear I will cherish these precious memories in the bottom of my heart. My father said he would love me forever and he would be with me all the time, but now he breaks his promise. But I will keep my words to him that I can study hard and make myself have the ability to support our family. My father spent all his life in loving and protecting me. He gave all his love to me though it was just a short time. It is the seventh year that I have not seen him, but if he is here now, I will tell him loudly that I will make all the dreams come true and last but not least, I will tell him that I love him very much and I do not regret being your
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