Short Story: The Red Riding Knight Of Castlehood

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Once upon a time, far, far away, beyond the snowcone-capped mountains and over the seven seas of swedish candy, there was a fantastic kingdom called Castlehood. This kingdom was home to gnomes, pixies, elves, woodland creatures, and humans who were a rarity of sorts. Castlehood was like any multi-creature kingdom with a bakery that sold cupcakes, a blacksmith shop, street markets with fairy merchants, a coffee shop, a fountain of fruit punch, a castle with a queen and king, dozens upon dozens of princes and princesses, and a single knight. This knight was the most skilled warrior in all the land and could fight off a gazillion intruders, blindfolded while baking a dozen cookies with nothing but an enchanted sword and her culinary skills. She was a brave girl and went by the name of The Red Riding Knight of Castlehood, or sometimes just Red. The young adventurer had fair skin, a smile as bright as a blazing star, and dark walnut-colored hair. The Red Riding Knight sported impermeable body armor, faux dragon scale boots; a handwoven basket filled with enchanted cream-filled cookies; a red, hooded, fireproof cape; and of course, her enchanted sword.…show more content…
They spent their free time strolling through the kingdom, offering help to whoever may had needed it. On Tuesday, they built candy houses with the gingerbread men construction workers. On Thursday, they taught circus elephants ballet. The partners were appreciated by the people of Castlehood including the royalty for the good morale they spread throughout the kingdom. Even people outside of the kingdom were fans of The Red Knight and Sir Waggs. Their friend, Lucy, lived on the outskirts of the kingdom near the Pumpkin Grove Woods where she made her delectable, pumpkin pie. Every Saturday, The Red Knight and Sir Waggs trekked through the woods and had a tea party eating Lucy’s pie and Red’s enchanted cream-filled
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