Narrative Essay: What Causes Of Alcohol Withdrawal

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What Causes Alcohol Withdrawal

Most people are familiar with the idea of alcohol withdrawal. They realize that people who have an addiction to alcohol often experience unpleasant side effects when they try to reduce or stop their alcohol consumption. However, they don’t have a clear idea of what withdrawal actually involves, how long it lasts, or how to treat it. One of the most common images is someone suffering from “the shakes” when they try to stop drinking alcohol, but not everyone will experience this particular symptom.

Not knowing what to expect from alcohol withdrawal can make people reluctant to attend treatment at an alcohol rehab center. Fear of the unknown is uncomfortable and makes people stay in their old patterns of alcohol abuse and addiction, despite the consequences. Many problems are associated with alcohol addiction, including issues with physical and mental health, interpersonal issues, problems at work and school, and financial struggles.
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One-third of people who undergo treatment for an addiction to alcohol have no symptoms one year later. As for the remaining two-thirds of people who attended treatment, they substantially reduced their drinking and experienced fewer alcohol-related problems. The fact is that treatment works when someone seeks it out and committed to sticking to the program.

The alcohol treatment professionals at HARP know that treatment is effective for alcohol addiction, so they strive to educate people about the alcohol withdrawal symptoms. By helping the public learn basic information about withdrawal symptoms, the hope is that people will realize that the truth of them–alcohol withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant part of the recovery process, but they are manageable with proper treatment and support from trained professionals.

Types of Alcohol Withdrawal

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