Narrative Experience In The River

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My youth group leader pulled out of the parking lot at 5 a.m. loaded with 15 tired teenagers including myself. We were finally heading for the Wisconsin River. The anticipation was building up for months now, the worries on the affordability of the trip were finally gone. Camping on the Wisconsin River, with my youth group, ended up turning into one of the most impactful experiences in my life. The long 6-hour journey began. We all had assigned seats, but no one seemed where they were supposed to be. I sat next to a couple of my life-long friends, Timmy & Jake. We were actually going up to Jakes family's cabin, which was about 100 ft. away from the actual river. On the way there a lot of people fell asleep, but I couldn't. I was way too…show more content…
when I woke Jake and Timmy up. All night I was shivering from the cold and ended up curling up into a ball, my sleeping bag just wasn't enough. Today we decided to go bathe in the river. So, my two friends and I crawled out of the tent, making sure we were quiet and weren't disturbing anyone who was still sleeping. When I stood up, the first thing I noticed was the steam that was rising from the river. The river was, for sure, colder than the air. Timmy grabbed the soap and we all ran down the hill, that was near our tent, so we could get to the river. We all stripped and got into the river. As soon as I got into the river, I sighed in relief. Relief from the cool, crisp air of the early summer morning as the warm river water enveloped my body. We quickly washed ourselves, dunking our heads beneath the water for a few seconds and got out. When we got back up to the tents we found that everyone was up and was getting ready for breakfast. The family that owns the property made us all pancakes and eggs. We went over the game plan for the day, which was to venture out alone, anywhere in sight, with a Bible. This whole day was all about reflection. When we finished I went back down the hill, the same hill from before, and hopped into a kayak. My youth group leader watched me as I paddled onto the river, paddling against the rather minor current until I reached a small island. That small island was my home for the next couple of hours. I walked all around the perimeter of the island, my feet rubbing up against the smooth river stones. The morning turned into afternoon which turned into evening. The summer sun was resonating on my body and the refreshing coolness of the river water. I walked, thought, and prayed about any and everything that came to mind. I was alone for 8 hours, nothing with me besides the kayak, the clothes on my back, and the Bible. I would occasionally see fish swim by my feet when I walked on the shore, I would hear the
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