Romeo And Juliet Narrative Analysis

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“Movies are a combination of art and science” (Syd Field, 2005, page2) without the correct science behind art, art is just an idea. When looking at films its quite clear that there is a huge amount of structure behind it and even when looking at art in general you can perceive what the artist saw before actually creating the art work. In story telling the script writer/author has a picture of the end product before its written
Narrative usually intertwines with actions or events that affect us as humans. In our term project ‘Romeo and Juliet..and Chante’ the events in the story affects Juliet as a person which the narrative is ultimately based on, her emotions, her actions and how the incidents in the story affect her as a whole. The term
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In her song “moment for life” they lyrics are about how its “my empire” “yes I call the shots” “in this very moment I’m king” and we’ll be using this medium to showcase how our protagonist, Juliet, thinks of herself and how she portrays herself as if she’s the “king” of everything. The song will be coupled with a low shot angle to show that out protagonist is powerful and that she’s in control. The film will also be shot on campus to communicate a tertiary institution because that’s a natural environment to convey to our audience its modern day life which correlates with our story. Other mediums we’ll be using are through the use of semiotics, semiotics being the study of signs, the characters clothes and the way the protagonists dresses compared to the way the antagonist dresses, which will show the different levels each character is on, it will show that the antagonist is more “innocent” than the protagonist as she’ll dress as an “unpopular” girl compared to Juliet who is literally queen
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