Narrative Literacy Examples

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Literacy narratives help accomplish multiple tasks so their work can fall into the genre of narrative literacy. Looking into Graff , Barrientos , and Alexie narrative stories we see they all share the same task, which is to share their experience with reading. Other task they incorporated into their stories was to share tips o how to read. For example, using cliff notes to give you a heads up on what you will be reading. Graff shows us how he used cliff notes to engage in a "classic" book, therefore he was able to annotate the reading. Alexie expresses that kids can teach themselves how to tread by picking up any interesting book. He used his comic book to help him learn how to read, eventually he read every minute of his life. Lastly Barrientos shows us how assimilating can cause a negative impact on your roots. She…show more content…
Graff story is about how he judged a book by the cover, but later was interested in it. He always saw classic books as "alien" to him because it was something he was not interested in. Eventually, he found a way to get himself involved with the book, he used cliff notes or review s on the book. The interest increased causing him to reread the book. As for Alexie experience he liked any book because his father had a whole house full of variety. He talks about how a book can help you learn how to read, and learn the structure of a book. He saw life as an "item of paragraphs" because everything belong to a section that made up a story or meaning. Just like Alexie saw life as a paragraph and that everything needed to fit into a section, in contrast Barrientos did not fit into the category. She assimilated to the wrong category which caused her to have trouble coming back to her roots. She "wanted to call (herself) Latina ", but she knew she did not belong there anymore. Even though, she tried to learn the language again she was not able to digest all the part of the
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