Narrative Practice: Chapter Analysis

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Journal 7 Chapter 2 of White’s Maps of Narrative Practice reviews the topic of re-authoring the conversations. Re-authoring the narrative helps “people develop and tell stories about their lives, but they also help people to include some of the more neglected but potentially significant events…” (p. 61). Basically, re-authoring the narrative allows the third party to gain more information about the entire storyline including the client’s thought process (White, 2007). Throughout the chapter, White illustrates his conversations with a map to exhibit the difference between a narrative’s landscape of action versus his/her landscape of identity. The landscape of action are the actual even happening within a story line, while the landscape of identity of consciousness are factors such as understanding or knowledge that affect why the story is being told in that manner (White, 2007). Lastly, White mentions the author Jerome Bruner, a pioneer of this process, to assist White in his explanation of how texts compare to both life and engagement as writer creates his/her story.…show more content…
When I am telling a story, I like to give a listener as much information as possible. Most of the time, if I do trust that person, I will give insight into my thought process and past experiences so he/she can better understand the topic at hand. This actually happened recently with one of my close guy friends. I have been having some boy trouble, which I would classify as an intrapersonal conflict continually escalated by outside forces. I find that I have a problem with letting people walk in and out of my life. My rational intentions tell me that I should ignore this guy, but my irrational attraction to him makes me act
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