Narrative Reconstruction Analysis

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Using elements of exposure therapy, Narrative Reconstruction (NR) aims to “create a cohesive and chronological narrative of the trauma while simultaneously addressing the personal significance of the trauma and integrating it in the patient’s autobiographical memories” (Peri and Gofman, 2014). The patients are often encouraged to recall and write about the trauma in an organized manner to identify the thoughts they relate to the event (Vitelli, 2014 pg. 203) and confront the negativity by consolidating every detail of the trauma to fully comprehend the situation. PTSD patients suffer from difficulty in recalling coherent images of the trauma due to: “Confused temporal order, unfinished thoughts, and inability to recall important details,…show more content…
Exposure to the traumatic memory (not prolonged exposure to prevent dropouts) 2. Systematic reconstruction of the memory into an apprehensible written piece 3. Integration of the traumatic memory into autobiographical memory 4. Psychodynamic elements where connections between the meaning of the trauma and the patient’s personal story is identified (Peri and Gofman, 2014) The setting of a NR with the patient is simple. The patient orally recounts the traumatic event whilst the therapist records the story the way the patient conveys it. The atmosphere of controlled exposure to the trauma ensures no sudden overwhelming emotional responses by the patient (Peri and Gofman, 2014). Throughout the procedure, the patient and therapist work together to reveal the personal significance of the event. The patient is able to gain new insight into the misinterpretations of the trauma, as illustrated in Ellis’ ABC model, which may have resulted in obsessive
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