Narrative Reflection

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In seventh grade, my teacher called on me to solve the math problem on the board. I felt all eyes on me like lions watching their prey. I imagined the look of judgment my aunt would give me at family gatherings if I broke family etiquette. My teacher’s eyes were the bright blue of the sea, yet they were directly staring at me waiting for an answer to come out of my mouth. He looked at me as if he knew all my secrets and my goals in life, but my palms began to shake and sweat, and my legs bounced up and down. I didn’t know the answer or I just didn’t want to say it, and my anxiety took away my ability to think on my feet, so I just stood there silent for an awkward moment. I knew he had given up on me when he said, “We’ll come back to you.” I just wanted him to move on and focus on another person. I felt like all my secrets were known by others just as they looked at me. Once he said that I could feel all eyes on me still until he decided to pick someone else. I felt as if a tight string was released from my finger, allowing the blood to circulate to the rest of my body. My heart was still pounding loudly, just a bit slower. One day during my sophomore year of high school, my English class was almost out and we were getting recommended for our classes for junior year. My English teacher told us to pick from English Regular, English Honors, and AP English, and write our choice on a piece of paper. I looked at it as if I was taking the hardest test in my life. I was
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