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Hello Mrs Franks, I am writing today concerning my report. I 'm not sure if on your Teachers Drive you have all the reports but if so please review my report due to in Boys Business (Mr Wolarczuk) has marked me as Needs Attention in all 4 criteria of the reporting which I believe is incorrect and i know its incorrect. In boys business and within my groups in the subject I 'm always on time, never missed a class, always came in full uniform and shown up in a happy mood to do the subject. I am also one of the top members within Boys Business when it comes to the Kitchen. In the Kitchen, I am always doing all jobs and leading my team as a leader, rarely have I been told off for not being busy as I 'm either cooking or washing up or helping the rest of the class. (See Seth Spurge, Riley Kelly, Danny…show more content…
Also within Boys Business when the class has to do sports I 've presented many medical certificates and letters from my doctors, MRI reports, full medical reports, sports physiotherapists and my surgeon Dr Scott Fletcher stating that I have a fully ruptured ACL and have torn many other ligaments within my knee and have lost many muscles in my leg which causes huge amounts of pain and locking within my knee which stops me being able to move left in pain with my leg locked at a 40 degree angle with severe pain, also after Mr Wolarczuk seeing my Medical Notices all different ones and the Medical Report sent by the office to Mr Walazark and the other staff members but even after the notice after notice Mr Wolarczuk continued to make me look like an idiot to the class in the Gym by pointing me out saying thanks boys for being active within this block unlike some then he points me out to everyone and when they are doing rugby skills which mainly consists of tackling I was sitting on the bench and he wouldn 't stop yelling at me saying do something do it, you should be fine your not hurt that bad and continued to yell at me saying this and that about me then told me
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