Narrative Research Paper: Metro Manila Rail Transit

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“Metro Manila Rail Transit’s (MRT) half a million everyday passengers, really want to get on their offices on time on the morning and get home at night, without the long queue or risking their lives”

-Shakira Sison (Rappler)

As I was hearing stories from my uncle on how awesome MRT was on its early days of operation.Well, It makes me drive my curiosity to try to ride MRT for the first time.

Well my uncle said that MRT was better than its weary sister the LRT, and that MRT was the top of the line public transportation during its early days of operation. Like, he would left his car at home and ride MRT just to arrive on time and hassle free on his work.

Well here are the opinions that my Uncle told me about MRT during early 2000’s.

He said
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I thought that the lights were dimmed and the aircons of the train were at low because it was on its terminus. Then, as the train was approaching its second station, Quezon Avenue. I feel very-very annoyed because I don’t feel the chillness that my uncle is describing to me when he was riding MRT. So I wore off my jacket, then I was very sweaty, and some people were looking and smiling at…show more content…
Then, she told me that “the lights were not dimmed, the lights were broken or some were burned out”; and she asked me “why I am wearing jacket inside the train?” . Then I replied “I thought that MRT is chillier than the trains of LRT”. Then she laughed and replied “When did the MRT wagons felt cold?” She did’t finish her explanation because she dropped by at the 4th station of MRT, Cubao Sation.

Then when the train was approaching the 5th station of MRT, Santolan Station. More people are cramming, even though the train full; and it makes inside the train more hot, If I feel the air-condition on the first two stations, here you really don’t feel it anymore.

Then as the train is approaching my destination, 6th station (Ortigas Station), I wasn’t able to stand or walk near the door. Then, as the train arrived at the station, the passengers like us inside the train cannot drop off the platform, because many people were cramming inside, while us the passengers who want to drop off were being pushed inside the train. Then, after some seconds? or minutes? of pushing, I finally dropped by. I arrived at the Oritas station at 5:20 pm and I was very haggard and tired.

Then as I was on my way walking to the mall. When I have concluded something in my

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