Narrative: Riding A Bike

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Narrative paragraph When I was an eleven year old boy, many people used to ask me why I had panic to ride a bike, in fact, I had an idea, but I was too young to understand that a single event could bring about endless inevitable fears and phobias that only maturity would be able to help you overcome. Riding a bike, one of the most remarkable phobias I used to have in my life, began on January 6 in 1988, when I was only eight years old. This specific day in January is very special for kids in the Dominican Republic because we celebrate children’s day. At that time, we celebrated it totally different from now: children used to invade the streets with their toys and spent the whole day running up and down the paved jungle. I don’t forget the kids with their dolls, toy weapons, Rubik cubes and bikes taking over the streets. Parents, on the sidewalks, looked like watchdogs taking care of their puppies.…show more content…
My father, reacting to my pressure, decided to surprise me, and bought me a beautiful silver Aerocycle with blue tires and covers, it was the perfect one, the bike that I had always dreamed about. In the Dominican Republic, parents used to buy the presents for children’s day the day before, and hid them for the day after, of course if it was a bike, like mine, It could not have been hidden because it was a big
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