Narrative Rough Draft Research Paper

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Narrative Rough Draft

The hardest part of my daily routine, was the time when I knew I needed to start my homework, but I really just wanted to keep watching shows on netflix. The only problem was the voice in my head that was always telling me “ Don’t worry about your homework just yet.” and “ But since this last episode ended on a cliffhanger, I have to watch the next one to see what happens.” Most of the time I was able to ignore this little voice and do what I know I had to do, but somedays it was harder. I decided to continue procrastinating for another episode. After, I stared at my backpack that lay across the room, I could hear it taunting me, almost laughing. As time dwindled by, I could feel the pressure of the undone homework …show more content…

Stressfully, I got changed; it was when I was running out the door, that I tipped and fell on my backpack. It was then, that I could hear it’s villainous laugh blaring in my ears as I got up and ran towards the car. During that practice, all I could think about was how badly I screwed up, and how little sleep I would get. The practices were from eight to ten at night, and I never got home before ten thirty. Not to mention the added time for a shower, I wouldn’t even be able to start my homework until eleven.

It was eleven o’three when I finally started my homework. It was official; I was in the fourth, final, and worst stage of procrastination, the crisis stage. I was exhausted, just trying to finish solving all the problems, and not even checking to see if any of them were right. It seemed no matter how many times I had to suffer the consequences of procrastination, I still chose the easy way, or at least it was easy for a while, until I had virtually no time left and had to rush to get it done. By the time I was finished, it was one thirty in the morning, and I would get a total of five hours of sleep that

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