Narrative-Size House In A Medium Sized House

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In a little town that everyone says they hate but never leaves, there is a boy named shawn that resides in a medium sized house that’s constantly filled with screams and hatred. He is quiet and timid because he feel uncomfortable anywhere beside the four wall that he pretends is a safe soundproof place for him to run through his thoughts. When the the screams become too loud for him to continue to pretend that it doesn't exist while he is in that room, he quivers a little as he puts on his headphones so that he can blare anything loud enough to top the sounds of screams. Soon after the voices become louder and closer so he turns the headphones down, but before he can figure it out, the door of his safe haven flies open. His eyes water, his fist clenches, he bits his lip then gulps, and goes to run; he doesn’t make it past the old mattress on the floor he likes to call his bed before he gets hit in the gut by his mom’s boyfriend. Like a light that's blown by the wind; he is out.…show more content…
His past haunts him like and ghost and his present possesses him like a demon. The teachers ignore him due to his outer appearance and the other boys in his class kick his ass on the walk home and call him a fag. He sits at the the roof of the school eating his lunch alone like he had one for years contemplating how he should be, what is wrong with him, and why everyone hates him when he notices a boy trying to tape back together his glasses. The other boy on the roof lifts up his head only to meet shawn’s gaze. A bit a sweat trickled down shawn's back, cringed, his heart beated faster with confusion and before the other boy could say one word, shawn had already dipped. He was sitting in his seat and once again felt the need to flee but time couldn’t even when he saw the other boy on the roof sit in the empty seat in front of

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