Narrative Speech About Cinderella

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Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a spoiled brat named Cinderella. She came into my sister and I’s life very abruptly. Cinderella and her father pranced into our house and immediately began changing life as we knew it. Cinderella is not as sweet and innocent as her blind-sided father seems to believe. She gets everything she wants, and no one says a word about it, even if it tramples my dear sister and I’s desires. Cinderella made all of our lives miserable. We had to do everything for her, and our mother wouldn’t say a thing to her idiotic husband, because for some reason she adored him.

After several years of misery, my mother’s lover left on a trip to the forest, and never returned. The only explanation was death. This crushed Cinderella’s stone-cold heart, for who would give her everything she could ever want now? Certainly not our family anymore. I asked my mother several times after the “tragedy” where we were to send Cinderella. Mother ignored my questions. It’s been 13 months now, and she’s still harboring in our house.

Sister and I got very bored, and annoyed with this blood haired priss still acting like she could order us around. So, we first welcomed Cinderella to her new life by giving her a new room! Her new room had a great view, and a natural rustic look. Of course, Cinderella found the negative in it though, and automatically complained that it was the attic. So dramatic.

Cinderella had made us her personal slave for many years. Sister
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