Narrative Speech About Cinderella

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“who is Cinderella? And who told you about the story of Durkhanai?” Before I could answer, she looked at drawing of my mom. And while still keeping her eyes deepened on the photo, she said:” Nargis was the most beautiful of women I’ve ever seen in my life”. A tear rolled down her left eye, and flowed through her wrinkled cheek. “Yes, your mom was the most beautiful of all the women”. She suddenly wiped out her tears, “let’s finish the dinner”. She said in a very friendly voice. “I have also other things to do before I sleep”. “do your homework if you have; and I promise I am going to tell you the story soon after you return from school”. I was still silent, thinking about two people who I never saw in my life: Pari, as well as my Mom. As grandma noticed the anger in my face, she walked across the distarkhan, and sat next to me. Holding both of my cheeks in her warm palms: “is that okay my big boy?” I nodded. And she smiled, and left the room afterwards. My dinner was almost finished and I wiped my plate clean with a piece of naan. The boys in our class said that if we clean our plates well enough, our children will be cute. I did not believe that, but it was always good to be on the safe side if there’s nothing to lose. I folded the dasktarkhan and toke the plates out in the kitchen. As I was doing this, grandma, as always, was probably on her way to feeding the hens, which we kept on the corner of our house. After rinsing out the plates I began doing my homework in the

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