Narrative Essay On Middle School

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...It was a Tuesday. In 5th grade. I walked alone through the halls and was astonished to hear the sound of clapping. I turned and realized that the clapping was for me. And it was boys, of all people, clapping - including my crush, Zack. I didn’t have the slightest clue on what was going on… until Zack shouted across the hall, “Thank God you’re wearing shorts today! Miss Jello!”

I was Miss Jello. Miss fat, round Jello. I thought this 5th grade incident was an anomaly. However, there was much more to come. New nicknames, new rumors, more staring, and more pointing invaded my life for the rest of 5th grade. The flashbacks still hit me to this day… “She looks like a whale”... “Nada eats way too much”... “Is it true you broke the chair in the courtyard?”... “Just give it to Nada, she’ll finish it”...“Do you have this in a size 14 for my daughter?”... “No more pizza! you’re fat!!”... “fatso!”.

I wish I could say that it ended there. But it only became worse. The beginning of middle school is when people start getting meaner and meaner. One day, a boy was taking photos of everyone on the last week of school. He snapped 2 photos of me placing my bag on the floor, without me knowing. Later that night he uploaded them on
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Becoming part of the school’s National Honor Society proves to me that all the years of struggle, determination, and hard work has definitely paid off. In addition to becoming a member of my school’s NHS, I was also elected as President of the French Honor Society, received 6 Silver Honor Roles certificates since 8th grade, and was also given the “Best Student” award in IB Business HL. To me, all of these achievements portray my growth since my struggles in middle school. Developing myself and seeing positive results is one of the best feelings in the world - it made me realize how effective and powerful it is to really desire

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