Narrative Speech: The Three Super Heros

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“The 3 Super Heroes”

We all have heard of slavery somewhere in our lives. Now it’s time to read the real facts about slavery. luKlukan lynched (strong verb) and beat African Americans, (Sentence opener 1) The African Americans women were servants for the white people. (helping verb) When the african americans was marching to Alabama they got attacked by the white soldiers some of them got badly(ly adverb) injured. In 1964 Martin Luther King Jr gratefully (Ly adverb) won the peace prize, Then King got murdered after he gave his “Mountaintop” Speech, King was murdered on April 4,1968 he was shot in the and died instantly. The civil rights movement was having a freedom 's struggle because (because clause) there was a lot of “Whites Only” on
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Kennedy, Ruby Bridges, and John Lewis. John F Kennedy is one of the hero’s that had a huge struggle with the civil rights movement with the segregated south school when he was president. John F Kennedy expanded (Strong verb) civil rights for African Americans, Kennedy was against racism he thought everybody should be equal instead of disliking (ing verb) each other because (because clause) of your skin color. The African Americans stilled bravely (ly adverb) went to the segregated school.Joseph Kennedy, was a successful banker who made a fortune on the stock market after World War 1, Joseph Kennedy was John F kennedyś dad. Constrained by Southern Democrats in Congress who remained stridently opposed to civil rights for black citizens, He offered offered support for civil rights reforms early in his…show more content…
When (helping verb) Ruby mom and her was and the office she had insults thrown at her from the angry crowd, the people that were helping her enroll in the school nicely (ly adverb) just proclaim (strong verb) her to remain seated and ignored the people outside. Ruby Bridges was the youngest in the march that was called Bloody Sunday. Since (preposition phrase) she went against segregation at a very young age. She was the only person African American that could get in a white school. Ruby Bridges had to deal with caucasian (strong verb) people, striking (ing adverb) mean stuff at her at such in young
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