Yosaku Narrative Analysis

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Narrator: Long ago there lived a young farmer named Yosaku.
Stage Directions: Have Aidan/Yosaku come out from the right.
Narrator: One day while he was working on the field, he saw a snake getting ready to eat a spider.
Stage Directions: Have the snake/Makaela and spider/Kevin come out from right and have the snake chasing after the spider.
Narrator: Yosaku felt very sorry for the spider. So he ran at the snake with his hoe and drove the snake away, thus saving the spider’s life.
Stage Directions: Have Aidan/Yosaku chase the snake/Makaela off the backdrop.
Narrator: The spider disappeared into the the grass, yet before leaving left a simple bow in thanks toward Yosaku. Stage Directions: Have the spider/Kevin begin to leave but does a little bow before going off.
Narrator: One morning after that, Yosaku was in his house when he heard someone calling outside. “Mr.
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“How ever did you weave so much?” Yosaku asked the girl. Stage Directions: Have Yosaku/Aidan check on the girl with the cloth and then shake Yosaku/Aidan.
Narrator: Instead of answering she said something strange: “ You mustn’t ask me that. And you must never come into the weaving room while I am at work.” Yet. Yosaku was very curious. One day he slipped very quietly up to the weaving room. To find a spider instead of a girl weaving with all of its eight legs. Stage Directions: Have Yosaku come up to the weaving room and change the girl/Kenile into the spider/Kevin and is weaving.
Narrator: Yosuka recognized the spider as the one he saved from the snake He understood that the spider was thankful for him, so it turned itself into a girl to weave cloth for him. Having it eating the cotton into creating silk within its body and with its eight legs, it could weave the thread into cloth very fast. Stage Directions: Have the spider/Kevin creating silk and
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