Reflective Essay: How College Changed My Life

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This is my story of how college changed me forever, in ways I could never have anticipated before. My name is Priya and I was always your typical South Indian girl, with traditional parents and an even more traditional approach to boys and in particular, to sex. I had always thought I would find one nice decent guy and wait with him until our marriage day until we consummated our love for each other. Never in my wildest dreams in high school did I imagine myself turning into the slut I became when I went to college.

I had been excited to go to Sweden to pursue my undergraduate degree there, but I was instantly shocked by how different the culture was from back home. People would be making out with each other openly on the street, girls would
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The guys were just watching the football on the screen and having a few beers but I made sure that I attracted their attention away from the game. I wore an incredibly tight fitting pair of denim hot pants and a tight light blue tank top that was almost see through, and made sure the guys couldn't help but notice my curves. As I walked past the TV during the game my boyfriend told me that they were trying to watch the match, but I didn't hear the two Swedish guys complaining, and their eyes were fixated my sweet little Indian ass as I swayed past. I made sure to walk past s couple of times more during the game and each time I saw them getting more and more distracted from the game, and I even saw a bulge beginning to form in their track pants. The last time I walked past my boyfriend had just gone to the bathroom, and I made sure to drop a file I was carrying onto the ground. The guys couldn't believe their luck as I slowly bent myself over to pick it up and then looked seductively up at them from between my own long dark brown recently waxed legs. The guys could see too that I was just desperate to be fucked, as I licked my lips hungrily when my eyes saw just how thick the bulges in their pants had become. I was so desperate to guide those thick meaty cocks into my mouth and pussy that it was all I could do to stop myself finger fucking myself right there in front of

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