The Moon Cannot Be Stolen Analysis

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The Moon Cannot Be Stolen The zen short, the moon cannot be stolen, is about a Zen master named Ryokan who gives a thief his clothes as a gift, only wishing he could give him the moon. The author inflicts confusion on the reader so they will analyze the text and find a more pertinent meaning. They make you look deeper and find the meaning through connotation, irony, and repetition. Connotation is a powerful tool used throughout the moon cannot be stolen. The feelings and emotions attached to the words bring a deeper meaning to the text, once discovered. After succeeding the original confusion of the text, there is an opportunity to analyze and better understand many of the words in the text. Throughout the text, even the simplest of words have an impact on the writing. Even when the word simple itself finds its way into the text there is importance found within it. The author could have very well used complicated words in the place of simplest, little, or even evening but they were crucial additions to form the style and feelings surrounding the text. When the words simple and little are used in the place of perhaps words like, small, boring, or tiny we have a more desirable setting. Instead of imagining a cramped up room with no space, we have an image of a room with enough space and things in it to be comfortable and peaceful. Having this setting is very important and relevant to the style of writing. The calm and…show more content…
The moon cannot be stolen is written so that at first you will find it confusing, then you will analyze the text and find more relevant meaning. These tactical uses of words are not something everyone can do, however, when done right they create large impacts on the reader. Once a writer has mastered these techniques they are able to deliver a message with great meaning, that will resent deeply with the
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