Narrative Techniques In Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe

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Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe is considered as a first novel of English literature and it tells a story of a man who has to live in the deserted island. Not only subject but also the structure of the novel are attention-grabbing. Daniel Defoe used many narrative techniques for fluency of the novel and it makes the reader more curious and attentive to it. Defoe made the reader concentrate to the subject and he increased the fluency of the novel with narrative techniques that he used.These techniques are realistic fiction,autobiography,spiritual autobiography and other literary devices. Firstly, author used more realistic subjects. Description of places, delineation of characters draw a picture for reader like details of ship voyages. Except…show more content…
It is another way to make the novel more realistic. Defoe used first person narrator. In the novel, the main character tells his own story and personal life. Robinson explains his family, his adventure with his own view. We can take begging of the novel as example. he says
“ I was born in the year 1632, in the city of York…” then he continues with description of his family. Using first person narrator makes the reader understand the writer. In the other way it increases ability of empathy. It creates authentic environment for reader Robinson Crusoe is considered as a spiritual autobiography. It means that the main character tells about his own emotional and mental world. In this novel, reader can see the description of Robinson’s feelings. Reader make connection with the author and understand his emotions.In other word it increases ability of empathy. Robinson Crusoe is kind of allegorical novel in spiritual way. In the beginning of the novel Robinson came up against his father and went to journey then he had an accident during the sea journal. We can interpret this as punishment of not obeying rules of the God. While readers read the novel, they can deduce some moral issues from it. On the other hand they can witness fluctuation of Robinson’s

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