Narratology In The Yellow Wallpaper

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In the short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, we are told about a woman who is confined to an upstairs room in a rented mansion. This woman, who is also the narrator, experiences mental instability as she obsesses about a Yellow Wallpaper covering the walls of the room. In order to understand the story better, one must focus on the mental state of the narrator using the cognitive approaches to narratology. Approaches to narrative study, that fall under the heading of cognitive narratology share a focus on the mental states, capacities, and dispositions that provide grounds for—or, conversely, are grounded in narrative experiences. It can be defined as the study of mind-relevant aspects of storytelling practices wherever, and by whatever means, those practices occur. Cognitive narratology provides us understanding and characterizing the intentions, goals, emotions, and conduct of the characters which adds more magic to the entire narrative experience. Moreover, it gives us knowledge of ourselves, awareness of the goings-on in our brain when we read texts (Herman, 2013). The narrator of the text is writing in her journal in which she keeps hidden from her husband John. The narrator’s husband, who is also her doctor, believes that in order for her to get well from her “nervous illness”, she needs to limit physical activity. And that’s why she keeps her journal a secret. The narrator suffers from depression and mental illness; therefore, she is locked
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