Narwhal Dragon Research Paper

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My animal is the OP Narwhal Dragon. It has the long slender body and wings of a dragon with the head and tail of a cartoon narwhal from the narwhal song. It lives in the Arctic Ocean, swimming around in the ocean itself and also swims above the ocean. It is a carnivore with a diet consisting mostly of fish with the occasional polar bear. Its adaptations are its ability to breathe fire, its extreme intelligence, its hypnotic skills, and its amazing razor-sharp horn which blasts beams of pure energy. Its ability to breathe fire is not used in defense, surprisingly, but instead is used in cooking its food. This is to help its ultra-sensitive stomach. Its intelligence helps it analyze a situation in seconds and helps it make the best decision.…show more content…
It will sometimes also eat a polar bear. Its hunting method is unique and interesting. To eat fish, it stuns it with a hard slap from its powerful, armored tail. Then it takes its horn and impales it. Finally, it cooks it with its fire breathing and then eats it. For polar bears or prey of the same size, it simply stabs it with its horn. The OP Narwhal Dragon lives in the Arctic Ocean. Using its tail, it can swim up to speeds of 50 mph. This is an extremely fast speed for swimming but it uses its strong tail muscles with its specially adapted wings to swim at this speed. Its blubber helps it stay warm in the icy waters. Above the ocean, it can shake like a dog, getting lots of the water off its body. With a flying speed of 150 mph, it is extremely fast. Once it goes into a dive, it can get up to 200 mph! Living in the Arctic is hard, but it manages to eat 200 pounds of food a day! My organism lives in the Arctic Circle. Its blubber is made to keep it warm in the chilly temperatures. The Arctic is also a good place for it to live because it prefers colder temperatures. Because it lives in the Arctic Circle, it eats bluefin tuna. Its tail helps propel it through the ocean. With its powerful tail, it can outswim the tuna becoming its next

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