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Today, you 'll know some powerful nasal congestion treatment to get this annoying disease over with! We can all relate to how annoying a blocked nose can be, especially if you 're working, it 's like it was meant to bring your entire life down. When you have a blocked nose, you feel like you can 't breathe, nor do much during the day & your mood is usually off because you 're either having a headache, sneezing a lot or both! Overall, you’re going to know: 1. Common symptoms of nasal congestion. 2. 10 natural nasal congestion treatment. With that said, let’s get your nose cleared up.. First, Common Symptoms Of Nasal Congestion: Before we jump into nasal congestion treatment, you must know the symptoms of nasal congestion first, which are:…show more content…
What if I don 't have a runny nose, does it mean I don 't have nasal congestion? I 'm afraid the answer here won 't be that pleasant, because nasal congestion could be accompanied by a runny nose or nasal discharge and sometimes not. Second, 10 Natural Nasal Congestion Treatment: It is crucial to treat nasal congestion immediately after having the above symptoms because it can lead to other problems, such as restless sleep, ear infections, and so on. There are several ways to clear your nasal congestion. This common problem can be treated quickly by using remedies found in your kitchen. 1. Hot Ginger Compress: Ginger has amazing anti-inflammatory properties which can ultimately relief and open up your congested nasal passages. Ginger Nasal Congestion Treatment: • Get a ginger root and slice a 3-inch piece for this treatment. • Prepare a saucepan with 2 cups of boiling water. • Add the ginger piece in the saucepan, cover it and let it simmer for 20 minutes over low heat. • After it cools off (wait till it 's warm enough), soak a washcloth in it and apply it for 15 minutes to your face. • Make sure to elevate your head as your lying on the coach for better sinuses

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