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DEFINITION OF NASAL POLYP. The word Polyp is originally Greek and has undergone Latinization and means Polypous that is many footed.35 The term Polyp mentions to the macroscopic appearance of a pedicled tissue arising from a mucosal surface and projecting into lumen or cavity.26 Hence Nasal polyps are defined as pearly white painless prolapsed pedunculated parts of nasal mucosa.35
Macroscopically Polyps have an edematous smooth and shiny appearance with a soft consistency as compared with the surrounding non polypoidal mucosa. The cut surface is usually pale and edematous with a translucent appearance. Polyps are generally mobile and are usually bilateral. However unilateral polyps can be present. Polyps differ
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Several other theories

about the etiology of nasal polyps are under investigation

today: bacterial infections, mucosal inflammation from

bacterial superantigens, fungal inflammation, genetic factors

(cystic fibrosis, primary ciliary dyskinesia), and aspirin

hypersensitivity. The association between cystic fibrosis

and polyps was first noted in 1959 by Lurie, and soon

thereafter, Schwamann described its relationship with

sinusitis.26 It is possible that mucosal reactions explain

some of the pathogenesis of polyps. These reactions could

lead to polyp formation and may be triggered by allergy,

infection or inflammatory mediators. Alteration in the

mucous glands is another factor that may lead to the

development of nasal polyps through a break in the

epithelium followed by bulging of the submucosa through to

polyp development. Another theory is that neurovascular

changes may contribute to polyp formation although less

work has been conducted in this area. Lack of blood flow

into the sinus region may limit the transport of
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In addition patients may have sinus obstruction symptoms.39 Diagnosis is based on the observation of polyps extending from the sinonasal mucosa.42 Anterior rhinoscopy is a basic tool of physical examination and helps to identify polyp or polypoidal swelling in nasal cavity and to make diagnosis.43 Anterior rhinoscopy of nasal polyps reveals multiple pale grey polypoidal masses most frequently in middle meatus prolapsing into the nasal cavity. They are insensitive to palpation and rarely

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