Nascars In The 1920's

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The roots of how the motor fueled back country racing series known as nascar began in the 1920 's with the rise in need for alcohol, and the increased punishment for getting caught with it, bootleggers had to upgrade their cars to evade the police while on their deliveries. With the souped up cars the bootleggers started to take pride in their driving skills and their mechanical skills because they were able to evade the police time after time and continue to bring in an immense amount of money. In order to evade the police alot of the bootleggers started to customize their vehicles to perform to a higher standard than a stock or regular car could do. They also made inventions to lighten the car and make it easier to evade the cops. One such invention is the rear view mirror, back in the 1920’s they would have a person riding shotgun which added weight and slow the car, so to reduce the weight they installed a mirror to show behind them without needing a person to tell them about a car coming. Another invention they made was the supercharger to give the engine that extra boost to get away, although they are banned now from the sport they are still in wide use for…show more content…
He created the first racing track at Charolette Speedway in North Carolina, where the first NASCAR race was officialy held. With the start of NASCAR, the corporation needed to have a person lead the company to make better decisions for improving the sport and bringing in people to the racing event where William “Bill” France was elected to be the first president. Under his leadership NASCAR became very popular in the south and gained a large

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