Nasir Holiday Analysis

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My names Nasir Holiday growing up I faced many obstacles being brought up in a tough neighborhood filled with guns, drugs, and violence. I was born in Newark and raised in Irvington. Without having a solid bond with my family and the guidance they bestowed upon me, I could have ended up on a path to destruction. I see Devon as someone I could have been if I did not have plenty of mentors. I see this as an excellent opportunity to save a youth in desperate need. To begin , I would converse with Devon about my trials and tribulations growing up in urban areas just like him. I spent many of my childhood in my grandmother’s project building. I know the struggles he’s facing. Possibly feeling like no one is concerned and there’s no way out.…show more content…
Perhaps Devon does not even conceive he has an issue that needs addressing. Getting him verbalize it would be a major milestone. Devon would have to be comfortable and differentiate that I 'm on his side and here to benefit him. Im not partnered with the authorities or trying to get him into any further hardship. In continuation distinguishing the child’s issue with his choice of grammar is crucial. Is he more positive or negative? Does he have aspirations that his circumstances will improve? Perhaps he just does not know how to go about it. Im here to nib him in the appropriate direction. Expo an alienate way to live. I have witnessed both sides of the coin. Most likely Devon does not have a positive male figure in his life. Furthermore , behaviors that would raise the most concern as a counselor would be hesitance when certain questions come up. Nervousness, such as not being able to remain still. Avoiding certain questions that I may summon. Devon stated that he couldn’t concentrate during a meeting . This leads me to believe he may have ADHD. As Professor Brown stated in class there is a link between the condition and gang
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