Nat Turner: Abolishing Slavery

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In the early 1800’s slavery was a huge issue in the south. Some people are important to our nation’s history because of their efforts to abolish slavery. Nat Turner was one of those people who did something to stand up to slavery. He was a black man who formed an army that consisted of slaves, led a rebellion against slave owners, and started revolution. Nat Turner formed his army by enlisting slaves who were fed up with the white people. Turner’s small army set out at 2:00 A.M. to start the march ( ). Word spread by mouth and people joined quickly ( Almost all of the people in his small infantry were slaves ( Nat Turner helped the black people of his county to feel empowered to stand…show more content…
The mutiny, “Deepened the schism between slaveholders and free-soilers” ( Nat’s actions led to, “ending the organized emancipation movement in that region.”( “The state legislature of Virginia considered abolishing slavery, but in a close vote decided to retain slavery and to support a repressive policy against black people, slave and free “ ( Because of the rebel people considered abolishing slavery but because so many people died, the cons of the attack outweighed the pros. There was much damage caused by the rebel. After the rebellion, Nat went into hiding. He hid on several different parts of the the Travis farm, and around the farm( His confession was given to physician Thomas R. Gray ( Nat was hung on November 5 ( ). After his death he was skinned. He was cowardly and hid from the consequences of murdering innocent blood. Because Nat Turner hid, his punishment was even harsher than it should have been. Many black people were killed in the rebellion. 55 African americans died during the rebel ( Close to 200 black people were killed in mobs( 16 other slaves were hung with Nat Turner after he was discovered ( ). Many of the black people did not die in vain because they were standing up for what they believed in. Nat Turner’s rebel resulted in the death of many of his
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