Nat Turner Music Video Analysis

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The music video is based on the Nat Turner slave revolt in which took place in Southampton County, Virginia on August 21, 183. During the planning process of this rebellion, Nat went around town secretly in search for other people of color, free or enslaved, with the guts to participate in the rebellion. Eventhough 55 to 65 whites were killed in the rebellion it was unsuccessful and concluded with nat and all those affiliated with the revolt being hung for all of the town to see. It is believed that over 70 people of color participated in the rebellion in hopes of gaining freedom. This music video does an excellent job of educating this generation on what an actual slave revolts while at the same time connecting it to today 's society through its historical content, imagery and diction. The music video has strong historical content since it’s a spin off of the famous Nat turner rebellion. Nat Turner was a slave who was taught to read by his master 's wife and became a preacher for his community on the plantation, he wasn 't necessarily a house slave but he was very close to masters family and did receive some special treatment in comparison to the other slaves. Even Though the division in treatment created tension between the two groups, it gave Cole the perfect opportunity to lead the slaves in the rebellion since had been working close the family with gave him access to the weapons needed for the revolt. In the music video J. Cole is nat turner and he leads the slave

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