Nat Turner Rebellion Summary

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Slaves were the foundation of the Southern regions economy, therefore slaves would resist in subtle ways to avoid punishment and to fight against their economic exploitation. To minimize production slave would fake illnesses and brake tools. In other cases, blacks would runaway to other plantations to see loved ones, but would come wasn’t until 1831 Nat Turner devised the most violent rebellion, a vision he had “of a battle between ‘white spirits and black spirits’ that would commence when the ‘sun darkened’” (Keene). Whites portrayed his rebellion to the public as “unsympathetically” and that their goal was to “attack defenseless woman and children, however Turner promoted his vision claiming he was given a “divine sign that the time for…show more content…
The Southampton Tragedy dubbed him as “a dreamer of dreams and a would –be Prophet, he used all the arts familiar to such pretenders, to trick, confuse and overwhelm the slave minds”(The SouthHamp…). Keep in mind this is a very biased view from a perspective of the slave state Virginia, additionally this article expresses their bitterness towards turners rebellion because it was purposely to hinder their economy. A Northern document from the American Beacon investigated that “He (Nat Turner) acknowledges himself a coward and says he was actuated to do what he did” (American Beacon). I find this document shows a more understanding of his side, although the interviewer has a different opinion towards his actions. Notice how they say “he acknowledges”, meaning he knows his rebellion was foolish and a coward attempt. I further believe this I lean toward this document more since the north would be considered an observer in this rebellion, whereas the South is hurt by what this rebellion represents how flimsy their economy can
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