Nat Turner Research Paper

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Voices of the American Civil War: Nat Turner
Zoe Kolat

Nat Turner was a very driven, religious, and rebellious man. He was born into slavery in the hands of Benjamin Turner who owned and lived on a plantation in Southampton, Virginia. He was born on October 2nd, 1800 to his mother Nancy (we have no information concerning his biological father). Benjamin took great care of Nat, and cared about him deeply, he even instructed him to be properly educated at a young age. It was considered unlawful for a slave’s master to allow his or her’s slave to be given the opportunity to learn. Nat Turner was treated very well, and was even given the opportunity to practice his religion. He was very religious man, and often prayed and read the Bible on his
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Nat was then sold, and moved to Thomas Moore and then John Travis. He began to see more and more images and started hearing things. One day, Nat said “ I saw white spirits and black spirits engaged in battle, and the sun was darkened- the thunder rolled in the heavens, and the blood flowed in streams.” Nat interpreted this dream as a sign from God, and decided to take action. He told other slaves that he thought God had chosen him to lead them from bondage. Nat and six other slaves joined him, and his first mission was to murder the Travis family. They killed his wife, children, and John Travis in one night. This was just the beginning of Nat Turner’s rebellion. After they collected more weaponry, horses, and 75 more men to help him. They killed another 51 whites, men, women, and children. He disappeared for 6 weeks, along with other men to hide from his punishment. Once he was captured, he was hung to his death with another 16 slaves who joined his violent rebellion. This took place in Jerusalem, Virginia on November 11th,…show more content…
He believed that he was the man to lead his fellow brothers and sisters out of enslavement, and to freedom. There were many times when Nat claimed to of seen or visioned God in dreams. At one point Nat said, “heard a loud noise in the heavens, and the Spirit instantly appeared to me and said the Serpent was loosened, and Christ had laid down the yoke he had borne for the sins of men, and that I should take it on and fight against the Serpent, for the time was fast approaching when the first should be last and the last should be first.” As you already know, he was a very religious man and passionately believed he was fulfilling the work of God.. He was convinced God was telling him to kill his way through slavery. To conclude, Nat Turner changed they slaves thought, he gave them hope, and vision, which is why he is so greatly
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