Nat Turner: The Slave Rebellion

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Would you expect a young, black, educated slave, to be a leader of one of the most bloodiest slave rebellions ever? On October of 1800, Nathaniel “Nat” Turner was born a slave on Benjamin Turner’s plantation in Southampton County, VA. He was allowed to read, write and learn religion (“Nat Turner”). Samuel Turner was in a lot of debut so Reverend Zalthall set up appointments for Nat to preach to slaves from plantation to plantation. The slave owners hoped this would make their slaves want to work willing and to be obedient. In return the slave owners would pay Samuel Turner. While preaching, Nat has experienced the way his people were being treated. This bothered him so he started up a meeting for anybody who wanted to rebel(Birth of a Nation).…show more content…
From the day he was born, Turner’s family always thought he was special and placed here for a purpose (Smith,Sam). His slave owners treated him differently than the other slaves. He got special privileges. When he was young, his master’s wife took him to live in their house so he could learn to read and write. She felt like since he could sign out words, he had the ability to actually learn to read and write. She did not want his ‘gift’ to be taken for granted (Birth of a Nation). He was exceptionally smart to the fact that his owner wanted him to assist their children in literature. He drove his master around and worked in the big house. Before his master died, he told his wife that he thinks Turner would now be more useful working in the fields now (Birth of a Nation). He used the way he was treated by the slave owners to his advantage. He stayed out of trouble and he would do everything that was asked of him (“Nat Turner and the bloodiest slave rebellion”). Many believed that Turner’s education and intelligence played a major role in his ability to be able to be a leader of such a bloody rebellion (Klein,Christopher). His rebellion made a statement. They ended up killing 51 white people including children (“Nat Turner”). He had slave owners and their families in fear. They feared for their lives and had to change the way they did things in their life. They also feared their slaves because they did not know what was going on in their mind. So they tried to be prepared for anybody on their plantation who tried to start a
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