Analysis Of An Intimate Geography By Natalie Angier

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As a group, society gets uncomfortable when it comes to women’s sexuality and nudity, especially in public. Natalie Angier, a journalist and New York Times best-selling author, is not intimidated when it comes to these matters. In her book An Intimate Geography, Angier explores the female body and all of its wonders. This novel opened my eyes and my attitudes to many events that are happening in society. When reading Natalie Angier’s book, the element that captivated my attention the most was the chapter regarding breasts, titled Circular Reasoning. When discussing the anatomical chest of women, Natalie Angier began by talking about the difference between animals and humans when it comes to the female chest. Angier said “Only in humans do…show more content…
From my understanding, the reason the public eye chooses to look down upon breast feeding in public is because society sees them more aesthetically opposed to maternally. When seen acting in a maternal way, such as breast feeding a child, people get uncomfortable. The public eye does not want to see the breast in a maternal way because it would destruct the aesthetic and sexualized breast. In 2016, there was a social experiment performed in a New York shopping complex. A woman in a tight, revealing top was gawked at and admired. IN addition, the only person who said anything to her was attempting to seduce her. When she was replaced with a mother breast feeding her infant, the mother received comments from people expressing their repulsion with her breast being exposed. When the commenters were questioned, they ignorantly explained the one woman was sexy and the mother was just nauseating. This goes back to Natalie Angier’s observation on the maternal breast vs the aesthetic breast. The public admires the aesthetic breast for its beauty and how it is sexualized. In reality, the public should admire the maternal breast and the beauty of breast
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