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Nate Parker Nate Parker was born November 18 1979 in Norfolk Virginia. He is an actor, producer, and director. He is known for these 3 movies, The Birth of a Nation, Non Stop, and The Great Debates. He has been married to Sara DiSanto since 2007 and they have 4 children together. In 2002 he was NCAA All-American in wrestling at 141 lbs. He attended school at Pennsylvania State University and University of Oklahoma. He is also a political activist and has done many charitable works as well. Nate and his wife Sara are college sweethearts they met while attending Pennsylvania State. Nate Parker became an overnight sensation after his film “The Birth of a Nation”. Nate Parker’s mother, Carolyn was only 17 when she had Nate. His mom never married Nate’s biological father but married an Air Force man, and moved her family to Main. When Nate’s biological father unexpectedly died from cancer. Nate was 11 at the time and with a new step-dad and his father dead it was too much to handle for a young child. He was depressed and he didn’t know how to channel his anger. On August 19,…show more content…
Originally, the alleged victim plans to bring a friend with her for Parker’s roommate, but the friend is unable to attend so she goes alone. Parker is not there when she arrives and she strikes up a conversation with another man, who buys her 4 to 5 drinks. Parker shows up at midnight as stated in her testimony, 2 hours after she got there. Donald Trump did some of the same thing as Parker did and he is running for president, Nate Parker is just an actor. To think that a President that has done many terrible things to women is going to maybe be our next president, its just

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