Kate Silver Speech On How Does Racism Affect How You Vote

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I chose to do my assignment on the Nate Silver speech about how racism affect how you vote. Nate talked about the election where for the first time in the United States, a large white group of voters voted for an African-American candidate for President. Barack Obama did quite well. He won 375 electoral votes and about 70 million popular votes. This was more than any other presidential candidate ( of any race, of any party ) in history. Nate compared how Obama did against how John Kerry had done four years earlier.One exception is in Massachusetts. That was John Kerry's home state. Obama couldn't do better than Kerry there. Or in Arizona, which is John McCain's home, Obama didn't have much improvement. Nate compared when Bill Clinton (…show more content…
Yes Bill Clinton was from Arkansas. Nate said when we think about parts of the country like Arkansas. He went on to say about how different factors may effect ones voting, like education and living location. He said that those who may live in the rural areas and have a lesser education may be effected by the racism factor when they voted. They conducted exit polls in every state, in 37 states, out of the 50, they asked a question about race. They asked this question. Did racism affect your voting decision? In Louisiana, about one in five white voters said, "Yes, one of the big reasons why I voted against Barack Obama is because he was an African-American. Nate stated it was a manifestation of racially-based voting. Nate showed another map comparing Barack and Clinton in 1996 to show the relationship between the redder states of where more people responded and said, "Yes, Barack Obama's race was a problem for me. Nate asks if there are there systematic factors at work? He looks at a bunch of different variables. These are things that economists and political scientists look at all the time , income, and religion, education. Which of these seem to drive this manifestation of racism in this big national experiment we had on
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