Nathan For You Analysis

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One important relationship between Theater/Dance and its audience is how the audience and the production must work together to make a great overall experience. Sometimes, Audiences aren’t that responsive to the show on stage and that can lead to a subpar performance by the actor/dancer because there is no energy being provided by the crowd. It’s a very unique dynamic that is shown regularly in the art forms of theater and dance, how the audience can play such an integral role for how the performance turns out. In the documentary Absolute Wilson, it was evident to me that the actors talked in a more ecstatic voice when talking about the performances of the plays done in Paris or in other special venues. It wasn’t just the fact that they were performing a spectacular piece it was also that they were excited to feed off the energy of the special venues. In the scripted version of the bar scene in Nathan for You, I felt a sense that the…show more content…
In the reading by Carroll, there is a great point about how dancing sometimes has large movements that are purposefully done to make sure the whole audience sees the movements even the guests in the back. This shows how dancing is executed in a way to help the audience understand what is going on so in return the audience will respond with energy and will make it a successful show. The way the ballet dancers practice in the documentary Ballet 422 it shows how much work goes into the performance. It was also evident to me however much practice is done there is still a little bit left up to chance until it is performed in front of a real audience. That’s what I think makes dance and theater so interesting. How the audience has the effect to make such a big impact on the performance. That impact is a very important relationship to make the performance memorable and one that makes dance and theater

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