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My first name Nathan ranks thirty-eighth in the United States and thirteenth in Canada, but that is low in relation to crowning my first name to be the most popular in France (Campbell). I would have certainly not known my name to be so popular in a different country. Since I was born, I have been alien to knowledge of how I came to have my name, how popular it was, and what it meant because of accepting it without any thought. I never thought about how much my name represents who I am and how much it affects me. I wanted to figure out where my name came from; therefore, I found primary research useful by interviewing my mother about family surname history. I then completed secondary research on the internet to figure out the questions…show more content…
The patriot Nathan Hale serves as a well-known example of the usage of the name in the Revolutionary period (Campbell). Hale joined a Connecticut regiment when war was looming among the colonies, and served in the siege of Boston ("Nathan Hale Biography"). On September 22, 1776, he was seized by the British in New York City and hanged for espionage ("Nathan Hale Biography."). The Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Nathan Soderblom, was given the peace prize in 1930 (Nathan Soderblom - Biographical). Soderblom emphasized the obligation of subjective spirituality and objective social action, and sought to find unity in appealing for world peace; this led to him receiving the award later on in life (Nathan Soderblom - Biographical). The Olympian, Nathan Cohen, was born in New Zealand in 1986; and went on to win the Gold medal in rowing in 2012 (Campbell). Another Olympian, Nathan Burgers, Won the bronze medal in field hockey in 2012 (Campbell). Nathan Fillion, an actor, uttered the role of an ODST Gunnery sergeant in the Xbox 360 game Halo 3 (NameBerry). Nathan Explosion is a character in the animated series “Metalocalypse” (Nameberry). The name Nathan is a broadly used name in the world, but in contrast, my last name is only common in the Southeast of the United States (Nabors Name Meaning). The only famous person I found with my last…show more content…
Their names were Everett and Lillian Mitchell.” Hence my middle name. I asked my mother, “Where did my last name come from?” It was simply my father, Cecil Glenn Nabors, who originated in the small town of Houston, Mississippi. My father’s mother had the surname Dickie before marrying my grandfather. Dickie is actually a pet-form of the personal name Richard, a compound of the Germanic elements “Ric” meaning power along with “hard” further meaning brave and strong (Name Origin Research). The surnames Dick and Dickie are diminutive form and associated with Scotland and Northern Ireland (Name Origin Research). My final question was, “How did you agree upon the spelling of my name?” She answered perplexed, “I didn’t know any other way of spelling it.” I found humor out of this since I had several people ask me how to spell my name in the past due to the variations of spelling in this

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