Nathan Hale: Spy In The Revolutionary War

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Are you willing to meet your death just to save your country? Nathan Hale was born on June 6, 1755 in Coventry, Connecticut. He passed away in 1776. Nathan Hale was a spy in The Revolutionary War. In this paper you will learn about Nathan Hale and what a terrific man he was. Nathan was one of the two sons of the Hale family. Nathan Hale was the second son of Elizabeth and Richard Hale. Nathan was going to Yale, a college with his older brother at age 14. The Hale family were very serious about their children 's hard work. One of Nathan’s cousin’s name was Samuel Hale. Samuel Hale was a loyalist on Britain’s side. In the year of 1775 Hale joined the militia in Connecticut, he was elected to be the First Lieutenant. Nathan left American
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