Nathan Williams Short Story

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He was a powerful man both physically and influentially. There was a time when he could throw a ninety mile an hour fastball accurately inning after inning. Nathan Williams, now President Williams, was his catcher back then. They celebrated a state championship their senior year. They were best friends, real pals. They tasted their first beer together one dark night behind the old barn. Both of them had snuck home drunk as could be that night scared to death their Dads would catch them. They double dated on prom night, borrowing the Chevy Nathan’s Dad cherished so much. Nathan nearly wrecked it on the way home that night. They were very lucky no one got hurt. After the near miss, they threw away the rest of the whiskey. They kept many secrets like that. They kept in touch through college and when they came home in the summer, they worked together on the local farms. They worked hard toning their bodies, and tanning in the summer heat. They shared good times. Nathan was destined for a Military career and as that developed the two men saw less of one another.…show more content…
“You are as self-righteous as they come, Nathan, so full of indignity for the Israeli nation and the Jewish cause. You defend animals. They are not even human. God’s chosen people they say. What a stupid god he must be.” Nathan watched as his friend shed his façade. “Jason, you are a son of perdition. Your father is a father of lies. You have consciously rejected the God of love and the result of that is all too obvious. I no longer know you, Jason. You have become evil to the core.” It was clear that there was not to be a rational discussion with the man. The President had not expected there to be. The meeting had only one purpose and that was a public and emphatic rejection of the man sitting before him. The President pressed a button on the table next to him. In seconds, four Secret Service agents entered the room and asked Jason Claiborne to stand. They quickly searched him, placed him in handcuffs, and removed him from the room. The President stood and moved to the window overlooking the White House lawn. He could see little as his eyes overflowed with
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