Nathaniel Hawthorne's Slaughterhouse-Five: A Classic

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Slaughterhouse-Five: A Classic Slaughterhouse-Five, a classic, and fascinating novel written in 1969 that has been read and loved ever since. It is a fictional tale that touches on the ideas behind war, and how war is messing up our citizens. Slaughterhouse-Five is a classic because it has been read over and over again, each time being loved a little more, it lets the reader rediscover the beauty of the book with each reread, and it will be remembered by the reader for years to come. Slaughterhouse-Five was published in 1969, however it continues to remain popular over 40 years later. Readers enjoy the content, reread it, and pass it down to friends, family members. Readers love the book so much because it delves into a theme that many readers feel well acquainted with, anti war, but this book takes a completely different path into the…show more content…
The book can be reread thousands of times, and each time the reader will fall in love with it a little bit more. Whether it is because the reader understands the themes of the book more complexly, or because they discover something they had not discovered before. Each time, the reader can enjoy Slaughterhouse-Five just a little more. This is important for a classic to do this, because part of the definition of a classic is for the book to be enjoyable even after, and especially after rereading the book. After reading a book like Slaughterhouse-Five, it is hard to forget the book. This book has a personal aspect for a lot of people, because a lot of people have had family members or friends who have been sent to war voluntarily or not, and also because this book has personality. It is heartbreaking at times, and it is hilarious other times. The book gets down into the reader 's soul, and leaves an important piece to never be forgotten. The book is intense, and has multiple scenes that will never be

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