Nathaniel Hawthrone Research Paper

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Nathaniel Hawthrone was born on July 4, 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts to parents who both had a strong Puritan background. Puritans are known for their dominating personalities and strong opinions. They are men of action who do not care about other’s feelings. His family was known as lawyers, businessmen, and sea-captains. Nathaniel’s mother, Elizabeth hoped for something different for her son. Nathaniel’s father died in 1808 during one of this voyages. Elizabeth hated the sea and she would not let little Nath on a boat. She moved over into her mother’s house and stayed secluded in her little room. November 1813 brought a change to Nathaniel’s active life. He sprained his ankle very bad and had to stay in bed for a long time. His foot took a very long time to heal and he felt like he would never get better again. He began to read whatever he could get ahold of. “The magic of the printed page had caught him and was never to let him go.” He also took comfort in his imagination and told his sister many stories. His tale of going to sea always ended with “and I shall never, never come back.” We can see that his life was marked by the death of his father and the other changes that were going on around him. Nathaniel grew pale and quiet. He continued to lack spirit even after his foot did heal. His Uncle decided that the little…show more content…
He was transformed from a recluse who did not like the day light and she was transformed from a semi-valid who faced terrible pain. Now Nathaniel could continue to write while his lovely wife enjoyed her drawings. Their love for each other did not grow old. They continued to delight and marvel in each other’s companionship. In March 1844, this happy couple was blessed with a new addition to their family, a little girl named
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